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    december 2017

    This is a test message

    e are as men at point A, focused on ourselves and we all need to point B, focused on the whole. Because even if you earn a lot of money and you support your family and therefore our concern is, if you do not have gushing love affair, then is NOT okay. as a whole than you think it failed love affair has much greater consequences for your children and welfare of humanity. If you do not go before this relationship where you go hell for? All you do is; keep your head above water and make enough money. You have to believe that everything revolves around money. You ignore more than CAN. You're stopped in order to give. It's really bad with a lot of people on earth. We as educated successful men do something very important. We must serve the humanity with our talents. We have to build a very strong personal basis to keep going. We must change from within systems. And the first step is the step to go before love. I learn with Loes that improving the world can really start to bi

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